Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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Thanks for coming here. If you want to buy a pie, click the link to the left (or above if you're on a mobile device) that says "Buy pies from Nick."

If you feel you still need to understand what it is I'm selling for because you came here via an email or facebook link, please read on (then, you know, click the link above.).

It's that time again, where I talk to you about Thanksgiving pie and how you should buy one to support critically ill people and their families through Community Servings.

You and I both know that pie is the best part of Thanksgiving. I mean, Pie is the bee's knees. To me, pie is a unicorn showered in cotton candy while walking on a rainbow bridge. It's plate of homemade wishes on the kitchen windowsill (okay that last line is an actual line from the theme song to the 70's tv show "eight is enough" but still...)

So here's the deal, I'm selling pies for Community Serving's pie-in-the-sky campaign. For $30, you receive a pecan, apple, pumpkin, or sweet potato pie and your money goes to feed home-bound patients with hiv/aids, cancer, and other illnesses. One pie provides enough $ to provide one home-bound patient with a week of meals. And you in turn get a pie baked by chefs at one of the Boston area's premier restaurants. (you can also donate your pie to a Community Servings client and/or just donate the $, this is especially relevant for those of you not living in the Greater Boston area).

Here's some info. on great work of Community Servings: Community Servings is Greater Boston's free, home-delivered meals program for individuals and families ill with HIV/AIDS or other acute life-threatening illnesses. Community Servings is dedicated to providing free home-delivered meals throughout eastern Massachusetts to people homebound with HIV/AIDS and other acute life-threatening illnesses, who are unable to shop or cook for themselves. We provide our clients, their dependent families, and caregivers appealing, nutritious meals, reaching out to those in greatest need. Our goals are to help our clients maintain their health and dignity, provide nutritionally and culturally appropriate meals, preserve the integrity of their family, and send the message that someone cares.

Oh, and because of strong volunteer involvement and some significant corporate donations, $.90+ of each dollar actually makes it to the people the charity is intended to serve. So you're not paying for really anything other than feeding people.

And you know what?......this time by helping, you get a pie. And pie rules. You're going to eat pie at Thanksgiving, so why not get a delicious pie from a world-class chef and feed someone for a week. 

So, if you want a pie, please order one here or get in contact with me. If you've read this far, you are obviously the type of person who likes pie, likes helping people, or tolerates me.

Whichever it is, I thank you.



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