Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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Love Pie in the Sky- we make pies but I always get a pie in the sky pie too for our table and for a good cause.

I sell pies to support a fantastic, well run nonprofit organization and to try to give back to my community. Community Servings provides critical nutrition to individuals too sick to cook for themselves. Every pie sold feeds a critically ill person for a week. And everyone needs a pie on Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Seidman
Pie seller for 8 years

"Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world."

Community Servings is an amazing organization dedicated to providing nutritional meals to critically ill neighbors. When someone is ill, the last thing they want to do is cook a meal for themselves and what about the rest of the family? Community Servings provides 5 days worth of delicious meals (I sampled!!) to our neighbors and their family during their illness & recovery. I'm proud to support such an organization committed to neighbors in need!

I volunteer my time because I want to give back to those that are in need. There are so many people less fortunate than me and people that don't eat well or don't know where their next meal will come from. When you purchase a pie from me, I am able to deliver meals to someone for a week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Scott Varner
First-time pie seller

This is one of the greatest organizations I have come across! The dollar amount of each donation that actually goes to feeding those in need is outstanding. It is heartwarming to know that the pleasure of eating a good pie will help to go toward multiple meals for those are are suffering illness in their family.

Team Captain Dorrie Arnold
Pie seller for 14 years

I sell pies to help those who are have hit difficult times, esp around the holiday season.

Lauren Trainor of Chestnut Dental
First-time pie seller

We associate Thanksgiving with family and food and especially those yummy pies. I feel this is one small thing I can do to help people who aren't as fortunate. I'm so glad Coldwell Banker is a sponsor.

Carol Henriquez
Pie seller for 2 years

In America, no one should go to bed hungry.

judith carlough
Pie seller for 5 years

The Rotary Club of Newton is selling pies in order to help those in need during the Thanksgiving holiday. Our motto is "service above self" and we are hoping to use our annual Thanksgiving Day Luncheon as a pick up site for those folks who would like to order a pie for themselves or someone they know. $27 of every $30 Pie goes to providing meals to those critically ill or who have a chronic illness. For those who purchase a pie for someone else, they can consider that a $20 charitable donation per pie. Please consider helping us! Ordering is through Nov 14, 2016 this year.

To support Community Servings and get into the holiday spirit!

Liz Rooney
Pie seller for 3 years

I sell pies because I have myself been on the receiving end of bottomless generosity. When critical illness struck my family in 2004, hot fresh nutritious meals were not an issue thanks to the kindness of family and friends. But many don't have the good fortune we have, and are themselves the providers/homemakers, but are too ill with AIDS, Cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses to prepare meals for themselves and those in their care. One pie feeds a Community Servings client, half of whom are children, for ONE WEEK. Our goal is to sell 25 pies. If you don't need a pie, please consider buying a pie for a Community Servings client, or just making a $30 donation. These are the most vulnerable neighbors among us, and 92 cents out of every dollar raised goes to nourish them. So here's pie in your eye! Thank you.