Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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Many of my patients have benefited from Community Servings - the work they do is so important.

I first bought a Pie in the Sky (apple) in 2011. The pie was delicious and it felt good knowing that the money I spent on it was being used for a great cause. I've been a pie seller ever since because I wanted to share that yummy and rewarding experience with my network.

Risa Barnett
Pie seller for 7 years

Love Pie in the Sky- we make pies but I always get a pie in the sky pie too for our table and for a good cause.

I sell what I love to eat.

Our season to focus on, recognize and celebrate all of the gifts that we have recieved and all the possibilites we have is sweeter when we sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving meal and scrumptious dessert, knowing that others, troubled now with illness, will also celebrate. The proceeds from the sale of one of these pies will feed a deserving family for a week- that is another thing for which to be truly thankful!

Connie Kickham
Pie seller for 10 years

I want to be able to help the community & give back.

Daniela Cahoon
First-time pie seller

Community Servings is a wonderful organization and their Pie in the Sky fundraiser supports meals to so many sick people who are suffering from life threatening illnesses - Please buy a delicious pie or make a donation to support this great cause !!

Suzanne Sherman-Finnerty
Pie seller for 13 years

Pie in the Sky is a great example of "small effort, big impact". It is simple - one pie will feed a person with a critical or chronic illness for an entire week. Wow!

I sell pies because I am able to help Community Servings fund the delicious, healthy meals delivered to the door of the acutely ill, their families and their caregivers. It is a nice way to give back and help the less fortunate during the Thanksgiving season. Thank you to all, Brian

It is rare when contributing to others that one receives something physical in exchange. What better way to support the community and in the process, be reminded of your support through the sharing of pie at your Thanksgiving table with friends and family.

Selling Pies is small and easy way to give back to the community. I am proud to participate and look forward to your support.

Paul Cohen of Dassault Systemes
Pie seller for 7 years

To bring our congregation together at Thanksgiving to serve the needs of others.