Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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We get to help those in need via Community Servings, an amazing organization that is in our own backyard. We feel this is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Selling pies is the sky is the kick off to the holiday season. Community Servings gives back to the community everyday and "pie in the sky" is a great way to spread the word . If you are traveling for the Holiday buy a friend that is staying in town . spread your gratitude and be thankful .

Barbershop Deluxe of Barbershop Deluxe
Pie seller for 19 years

I sell pies because as a healthcare clinician, dietitian, and chef, I know firsthand, food is love. Food heals. Clinically , patients and clients HEAL 50% faster , when they eat , real tasty food. And how you have Thanksgiving without pie? I know Thanksgiving. Why? I was BORN on Thanksgiving. So, thanks ..........for giving. One luv. XXOOO

Anne Margaret
Pie seller for 8 years

I sell what I love to eat.

Pie in the Sky helps deliver food to those who are unable to help themselves. There are several people around me, sales associates, friends, colleagues and family members who are either personally impacted by an illness or know of someone who is. During the holiday season, I wouldn't feel right sitting around the Thanksgiving Table, expressing gratitude for all that is good in my life, without making some effort to give back. I hope you take pause and think of some way to give back as well; if not through this cause, then through a cause that has special meaning to you.

Angela Stamoulos
Pie seller for 4 years

My mission as a Pie Seller is to galvanize my friends, family, coworkers and strangers, to assist our fellow man this holiday season and into 2018. The people who need our help are so sick that they cannot feed themselves. Together, we will bring food to our fellow man in the spirit of compassion and love.

After visiting Community Servings and helping them prepare meals, I got a better understanding of how important this organization is and what fabulous work they do everyday. Consider buying a pie, as it will help feed someone for a whole week!

Amanda Guerino
Pie seller for 5 years

This is one of the greatest organizations I have come across! The dollar amount of each donation that actually goes to feeding those in need is outstanding. It is heartwarming to know that the pleasure of eating a good pie will help to go toward multiple meals for those are are suffering illness in their family.

Team Captain Dorrie Arnold
Pie seller for 15 years

Thanksgiving is a time of year I've always loved: a time of year celebrating family, good food, and so much for which to be grateful. And, It is a great time of year for giving to others as well, which is why I've always loved the Pie in the Sky fundraiser to support Community Servings, whose simple mission is: nurturing others who are ill, medically fragile and homebound, by providing a week's worth of nutritious home-delivered meals. Each $30 pie you purchase equals a week's worth of meals for someone in need. It's one delicious thing to bring to your Thanksgiving table. Be generous, be thankful, be grateful: eat pie!

Liz Haas
Pie seller for 2 years

So why do I sell pies? Here's the short version: every pie i sell feeds a home-bound person suffering from HIV/AIDS, Cancer, MS, Lupus - or another horrible illnesses - for one week. For $30, you will receive a pecan, apple, pumpkin, or sweet potato pie and your money provides a home-bound, critically ill person with a week of delicious meals that provides them nourishment and treats them with dignity (no box with a sandwich and chips here, these are nutritious, delicious, carefully prepared meals that take into account any food allergies or issues clients may have while remaining delicious). You can also donate your pie and/or just donate $ (this is especially relevant for those of you not living in the Greater Boston area). Thanks for reading. Please buy a pie from me (click buy a pie from Nick on the left side of this page) or from another seller. But please consider buying a pie and helping someone today. Instantly. Thank you very much. -Love, Nick

Nick Lorenzen of Epsilon
Pie seller for 13 years

I sell pies to help those who are have hit difficult times, esp around the holiday season.

Lauren Trainor of Chestnut Dental
Pie seller for 2 years

Everyone loves pie! I sell pies because it helps support a very special and important cause: Feeding those who are too sick to cook for themselves. You buy a pie, they get dinner. For $30, the cost of a pie, you can feed a critically ill client for an entire week! Please buy a pie...or donate a pie to a Community Servings client.

Gary Sherr
Pie seller for 7 years