Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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I sell pies because I want to give back to my community. My partner has Multiple Sclerosis, and I hope that I can help out the loved ones of others as well.

Vawnya Nichols
Pie seller for 6 years

I believe in helping others and Pie in the sky is my avenue to do that... a tremendous arm of Community Servings.

John Angier
Pie seller for 22 years

I sell pies because I know that every dollar I raise goes directly to feeding those who need it.

Jim Moore of FarmHouse Studios
Pie seller for 15 years

I sell pies because Community Servings helps folks in need who are living with chronic illnesses, like multiple sclerosis.

Mark Brown
Pie seller for 6 years

Each year nearly 400,000 Mass households go hungry. Join the movement to end hunger for the critically ill and homebound in our state! 150 of Greater Boston's most generous chefs and bakers bake and donate delicious Thanksgiving pies. Get yours today!

Darcy Pfeifer
First-time pie seller

I sell what I love to eat.

I think Community Servings is such a great organization and am proud to be a small part of it.

Tobie Weiner
Pie seller for 17 years

It just happens - our neighbors become very sick. They can't care for themselves, let alone their kids, and there is no where to turn. I sell pies because community servings helps take away one of the many worries these families have - a decent meal at home for the whole family.

Suzan Riley
Pie seller for 7 years

This massive complex bake sale makes me cry with delight and amazement. How better to connect with those who love to bake, those who love to eat, those who love to share food with loved ones, those who need food and love and connection all around the greater Boston area!

Many people know that I was in a terrible car accident in December 2013. As I recovered from this, I got a get well card from Community Servings - a group I had only a small connection to. I vowed to my wife that, if I ever got better, I would find a way to pay back that kindness. I'm now in my third year as a Team captain & seller. I try to pay it back the best way I know how: by selling and talking and selling and spreading the good word about Community Servings.

Peter Haley of Gordon Brothers Group
Pie seller for 2 years

because it's sweet to help others.

Karen Wiczynski
Pie seller for 6 years

"For me, Thanksgiving is about family, food, and gratitude -- mostly gratitude. And there's no better way of expressing my gratitude for all I've been given than making sure that a sick neighbor has the nutritious meals they need all year round. Pie in the Sky is my way of making sure those meals are there."

Mark Lippolt of Hammond Residential
Pie seller for 13 years