Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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I sell pies because they taste really, really good and they help people get healthy food that they might not have access to otherwise. Pretty simple, eh?

Philip Finch of Fenway Health
Pie seller for 8 years

I love food, especially sweets... and what is better than a pie at Thanksgiving? Everyone should be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal with family and friends during the holidays. I show my thanks for all of the good things in my life by supporting Community Servings and their mission to deliver free meals to 2,000 people per year around Greater Boston, who are too sick to cook for themselves or their families. It is a fun and delicious way to make a difference and give back to the community!

Nicole Leonard
Pie seller for 7 years

To bring our congregation together at Thanksgiving to serve the needs of others.

I think this is a great cause. Wouldn't you love to support someone who is at home and needs nutritious food? That's how your donation is used. Please consider buying a pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ellen Church
Pie seller for 6 years

Community Servings provides an invaluable service to a very vulnerable population. And where else can you donate $30 that will feed someone for an entire week! And 93% of the money raised goes directly to their clients services. Its a great organization and the people who buy the pies love them. Its a win-win for everyone!

Debbie Lewis
Pie seller for 12 years

The most important kindness you can give is food. Food is love. Food is healing. Food is the thing that keeps us connected.

Lori Magno of DigitasLBi
Pie seller for 12 years

I first heard of Community Servings through the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer, which I have been participating in for the past 5 years. The Avon Foundation presents a check to Community Servings each year with funds raised from the Boston Walk. The service Community Servings provides is such an important one and a way to help those who are critically ill get meals that are tailored to their individual dietary needs.

I sell Pies because Community Servings is so dear to my heart. Making a difference in the lives of those who are sick, battling every day to survive. We have so much to be thankful for and selling pies means that I help someone who is in dire need of support and help. Delicious rewards never tasted so good. Stephanie Carrigg

Stephanie Carrigg
Pie seller for 13 years

I sell pies, because it's a fun way of raising money for an organziation that truly cares about its clients.

Mike Poirier
Pie seller for 8 years

My way of giving back at this time of plenty for many.

Patricia Cohen
Pie seller for 2 years

Coming from a family in which Thanksgiving requires three (if not four) different kinds of pie just to make sure everyone has his or her favorite, I can see that the question of "What is the best kind of pie?" may be hotly debated. But, I think it's easily answered: no matter whether you're Team Pumpkin or Team Apple, a Pie in the Sky pie will put food on the table of a critically ill person for a week. That's the best kind of pie and that's why I sell them.

Catherine Matthews
Pie seller for 8 years

I am selling pies for three main reasons - 1. Pie is good 2. Helping people is good 3. Helping people with pies is even better